13 April 2007

Special issue: The future of technology in healthcare

International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management 8(3/4) 2007 is a special issue: The future of technology in healthcare.

Article titles:

* Network technologies and messaging for the community-based care of the elderly
* Effect of communication and emotional types on team reciprocity in healthcare organisation
* Personal health record and healthcare systems
* Telemedicine: the next healthcare delivery medium: fad or future?
* The importance of giving an alternative: the case of fetal surgery
* RFID and health management: is it a good tool against system inefficiencies?
* A context-specific mediating schema approach for information exchange between heterogeneous hospital systems
* Potential of telemedicine: a preliminary evaluation through the innovation diffusion lens
* The role of institutional differences in biomedical innovation processes: a comparison of the * UK and US
* Optimising e-learning in healthcare for nurses
* Mobile health technology of the future: creation of an M-Health taxonomy based on proximity
* On cognitive reliability of hospital organisational environment and work performance
* The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering: designing, implementing, and sustaining interdisciplinary solutions to transform healthcare delivery systems

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