3 April 2007

Special issue: Wireless sensor networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 2(1/2) 2007 is a special issue: Wireless sensor networks, comprising extended and revised papers from the 1st International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (MSN05), December 2005, Wuhan, China.
Article titles:
* Dynamic priority scheduling-based MAC for wireless sensor networks
* Supporting mobile device communications in the presence of broadcast servers
* An efficient synchronisation protocol for wireless sensor network
* UDC: a self-adaptive uneven clustering protocol for dynamic sensor networks
* RECA: a ring-structured energy-efficient clustering architecture for robust communication in wireless sensor networks
* Some problems of directional sensor networks
* Data sampling control, compression and query in sensor networks
* A distributed energy efficient multicast routing algorithm for WANETs
* A distributed algorithm for constructing energy-balanced connected dominating set in wireless sensor networks
* Efficient and secure password authentication schemes for low-power devices
* Location verification using bidirectional one-way hash function in wireless sensor networks
* Topology control with Hexagonal Tessellation
* Efficient and robust query processing for mobile wireless sensor networks
* Establishing overlapped multihop clusters in wireless sensor networks
* Distributed Bayesian fault diagnosis of jump Markov systems in wireless sensor networks
* Efficient scheduling techniques for high data-rate wireless personal area networks
* A new approach to service discovery in wireless mobile ad hoc networks

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