13 April 2007

Special issue: Theoretical and algorithmic aspects in sensor networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 2(3/4) 2007 is a special issue: Theoretical and algorithmic aspects in sensor networks.

Article titles:

* On extracting consistent graphs in wireless sensor networks
* Fault tolerant topology control for one-to-all communications in symmetric wireless networks
* Optimal dynamic actuator location in distributed feedback control of a diffusion process
* Decentralised sensor network performance with correlated observations
* ART: an asymmetric and reliable transport mechanism for wireless sensor networks
* Decentralised topology control algorithms for connectivity of distributed wireless sensor networks
* Discrete stochastic approximation algorithms for design of optimal sensor fusion rules
* Sensor coverage in wireless ad hoc sensor networks
* QS-Sift: QoS and spatial correlation-based medium access control in wireless sensor networks
* Wireless sensor networks, an energy-aware and utility-based BDI agent approach
* Fault-tolerant and energy efficient cross-layer design for wireless sensor networks
* A framework for assessing residual energy in wireless sensor network
* Boundary coverage and coverage boundary problems in wireless sensor networks

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