21 April 2007

Call for papers: Working In The Automotive Industry

Call for papers: Working In The Automotive Industry

A special issue of International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management

The automotive sector is in a worldwide process of huge reorganisation at different levels, from single plants to multinational corporations as a whole, to face the globalisation challenge. The issues at stake in the public discussion have been mainly related to strategies, organisational schemes and technologies but there are dramatic processes of change also in the situation of people working in this sector. Therefore, it seem to be time to add new contributions to the public discussion on the topic of the working conditions and the different patterns of the social regulation of work. The goal is to cover different situations by countries and brands with the description and analysis of specific situation also in a comparative perspective.

Papers to be included in this special issue should be focused on, one or more of the following subjects (the list is indicative rather than exhaustive):
  • Existing working conditions and current trends
  • Working hours, shift regimes and current patterns of flexibility
  • Existing work organisation and patterns of change
  • The impact of managerial techniques like just in time, just in sequence, lean production, visual management, milk-run, kanban, SCM, 6 Sigma, etc., on both work organisation and working condition
  • Assessment of national and international experiences in using teams and groups
  • Competence building, flexibility and personnel turnover regimes: experiences and current trends
  • Employment relations: permanent vs. temporary labour contracts and their side effects
  • Careers and monetary as well as non monetary incentives: experiences and current trends
  • Management of an international work force mobility: experiences and current trends
  • Patterns of change in the social regulation of labour
  • Health and safety: current situation, trends and comparative analysis.

All the topics refer to the situation of both, white and blue collar workers. The special issue welcomes both empirical and theoretical contributions related to the proposed topics. Case studies, surveys and papers based on empirical data are preferred; a rigorous research methodology is required, as well as a review of existing literature and adequate reference to bibliographical sources.

Important Dates

Deadline for (extended) abstract submission: 31 May 2007
Response by guest editor: 30 June 2007
Deadline for full paper submission: 31 October 2007

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