12 July 2014

Special issue published: "Recent Trends in Intelligent Computation and Communication System Design"

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology 6(3/4) 2014
  • Algorithm research for capacity-constrained stochastic traffic assignment model
  • RC5 implementation in ARM platform for cryptographic applications
  • Investigation on cooperative contention-based bandwidth request mechanism for heterogeneous networks
  • Energy efficient and load balanced clustering algorithms for wireless sensor networks
  • A classification-based summarisation model for summarising text documents
  • A novel variable tap-length learning algorithm for low complexity, fast converging stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation
  • A novel approach for design of a speech enhancement system using auto-trained NLMS adaptive filter
  • Adaptive gain and variable effective aperture aided multi antenna set-ups for faded Rayleigh channels
  • Business process artefact adaptability approach based on artificial immune systems
  • Trust aware identity management for cloud computing
  • User experiences in the Official WikiLeaks Forum
  • Reliability factor-based mathematical model for isolating selfish nodes in MANETs
Regular paper
  • A new procedure of market segmentation for dynamic CRM systems: a case study of airlines in Taiwan

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