7 July 2014

Call for papers: "Shipping and Port Research"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics.

Shipping and trade jointly help sustain international economic growth and the globalisation of productive and market activities. Accordingly, the continued growth of international trade facilitated and supported by shipping-related activities is critical to promote global economic development. Shipping has evolved from its original relationships with ships and seaborne trade to transporting goods from cargo sources to demanding areas in different transport modes.

To perform shipping activities, it is desirable to use clean and effective modes of transport with the aim of reducing negative externalities and improving operating efficiency. It is also vital to develop integrated strategies for the whole transport chain to use various transport modes to their full potential with minimum damage caused to the environment. At the heart of the transport chain, ports play a significant role as an interface among various transport modes to enhance connectivity to their hinterlands.

Global ports increasingly invest to optimise the interface and links between sea transport and inland transport operators. Core areas of port integration also include reliable coordination of transport operators, effective communication between all actors in the transport chain, sharing of best practices in the transport sector, linking with hinterlands, and development of innovative logistics concepts. Studies in “shipping” and “port” are important to such stakeholders as traders, transport operators, transport facilitators, port operators and policy makers.

This special issue aims to collect recent original contributions related to shipping and port studies. It will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the 2015 Global Port Research Alliance (GPRA) Conference, but we also strongly encourage researchers who are unable to participate in the conference to submit papers for this call.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • International trade and shipping
  • Demand analysis in shipping and port
  • Externalities in shipping
  • Sustainability in port
  • Connectivity in shipping and port
  • Global port investment
  • Port and inland transport operations
  • Shipping network
  • Linking with hinterlands

Important Dates
Submission deadline: 30 June, 2015
Review reports: 31 October, 2015
Revised paper submission: 31 December, 2015

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