28 July 2014

Call for papers: "New Knowledge Impacts on Designing Implementable Innovative Realities in Emerging Markets"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets.

Knowledge is a milestone on the road towards economic progress in emerging markets and it makes a huge contribution towards the quality and hopes of a sector, economy or even a country. Innovation helps to encourage competition, which leads to globalisation. Innovation is the business activity most closely related to economic growth. Although knowledge and innovation sometimes go hand in hand, it is possible to distinguish between the two concepts. Knowledge and innovation can therefore be viewed as different sides of the same coin.

There is, however, a shortage of studies documenting empirical evidence on the relationship between knowledge and innovation and the subsequent strengthening of emerging economy firm competitiveness. This special issue seeks to promote and publish research that addresses this void.

Theoretically grounded empirical studies are preferred. Carefully developed theoretical papers are also welcome. Studies can be focused on firms from one or more emerging economies. To maintain consistency and shared understanding, countries classified by the International Monetary Fund as emerging market and developing economies are considered emerging economies in this special issue.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • How do knowledge and/or innovation enhance the competitiveness of emerging economy firms in their home country markets and in international markets?
  • Does the relationship between knowledge and/or innovation and the subsequent enhancement of emerging economy firm competitiveness vary according to international knowledge?
  • Can we empirically document the relationship between different modes of knowledge and/or innovation and various measures of emerging economy firm competitiveness?
  • Does knowledge and/or innovation in advanced economies and other emerging economies contribute differently to the competitiveness of emerging economy firms?

Important Dates
Manuscript submission: 15 November, 2015

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