24 July 2014

Special issue published: "The Global Business of Jute: Markets, Firms, Gender and Political Economy"

International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 8(2/3) 2014
  • Jute in the world, worlds of jute
  • A woman's industry? The role of women in the workforce of the Dundee jute industry c. 1945-1979
  • Gender and the jute industry: the Calcutta chapter, 1890-1990
  • Rhetoric of a troubled industry: the case of the Dundee jute industry during the inter-war period
  • The Dutch disease: the role of industrial policy for industrial transformation - the case of the jute industry
  • The decline of jute and the de-globalisation of Dundee
  • Indian jute manufactures: adaptation and survival in a 'sunset' industry

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