6 July 2014

Call for papers: "Data Mining and its Applications in Networking"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering.

In this decade, with the advancements in data mining techniques, many new models and tools in discovering/extracting interesting knowledge and intelligence have brought forth revolutionary developments in networking and communication areas. While data mining evolves with innovative learning algorithms and knowledge discovery techniques, network applications harness the results of data mining for becoming more intelligent applications than ever before.

This special issue is a platform for the two research directions to converge. It aims to provide an intellectual forum for researchers in academia and scientists and engineers from various institutes, organisations and IT industries to present their latest research findings in both data mining and its various applications in networking and to identify future challenges in this novel combination of research areas.

While this special issue will bring together extended version of few significant articles from the 1st International Conference on “Computational Intelligence in Data Mining” (ICCIDM- 2014) it is completely open to external submissions for authors who have not participated to the conference.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Uncertainty modelling in data mining
  • Bio-informatics and bio-inspired computing
  • Soft computing and machine learning
  • Data mining algorithms
  • Data classification and clustering
  • Web image mining and its applications
  • Fuzzy and evolutionary computation
  • Distributed data mining and its application to large scale networks
  • Data mining applications in network intrusion detection, social and communication networking
  • Security and authentications of networks
  • Data mining techniques in sensor networks, mobile computing and satellite tracking systems
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Network dimensioning
  • Network modelling and analysis
  • Wireless computing and communications
  • Network coverage, connectivity, longevity, scheduling, synchronisation
  • Network security, privacy and data integrity
  • Mobility management and reliability
  • Topology control and scalability
  • Experimental wireless systems and trials
  • Location-based services and tracking
  • Next generation wireless systems
  • Performance evaluation of wireless systems and protocols
  • Resource management and admission control
  • Cross-layer schemes and optimisations

Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 15 February, 2015
Notification to authors: 15 May, 2015
Final versions due: 15 June, 2015

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