23 July 2014

Special issue published: "Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing"

International Journal of Embedded Systems 6(2/3) 2014
  • Buffered FUSE: optimising the Android IO stack for user-level filesystem
  • MIMO radar antenna array synthesis with a hybrid approach based on GA and PSO
  • Progressive transmission based on wavelet used in mobile visual search
  • Communication-oriented performance optimisation during code generation from Simulink models
  • A new Wi-Fi fingerprint indoor localisation method for smart phone's heterogeneity
  • Lossy links diagnosis for wireless sensor networks by utilising the existing traffic information
  • JORCA: joint opportunistic routing and channel assignment
  • A calibration algorithm for maze micromouse continuous smooth turning
  • A real-time flash translation layer via adaptive partial garbage collection
  • A model-checking approach to schedulability analysis of global multiprocessor scheduling with fixed offsets
  • A ubiquitous communication architecture integrating transparent UPnP and REST APIs
  • A distributed resource conservation multicast and spectrum allocation algorithm in cognitive wireless mesh networks
  • Dynamic partially reconfigurable architecture for fast Fourier transform computation
  • Efficient fault-tolerant scheduling on multiprocessor systems via replication and deallocation
  • Achieving energy efficient advertisements traffic for smartphones
  • Lifetime enhancement in wireless sensor and actuator network using uniform energy consumption algorithm
  • Memory power optimisation on low-bit multi-access cross memory address mapping schema
  • A critical comparative evaluation on DHT-based peer-to-peer search algorithms
  • Low cost solutions for secure remote reconfiguration of FPGAs
  • Fixed-priority global scheduling for mixed-criticality real-time systems

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