14 December 2008

Call for papers: Nanotechnology-based Biosensors

Call for papers: Nanotechnology-based Biosensors

A special issue of International Journal of Biomedical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Biosensors are playing an increasingly important role in diagnosing disease, monitoring biological and chemical processes, and elucidating important biological and physical mechanisms. Nanotechnology has advanced our ability to develop biosensors that interrogate, interact with, and examine biological targets at the molecular scale.

The aim of this issue will be to illustrate the role of nanotechnology in biosensor development, and to focus on the specific ways in which nanotechnology has enhanced sensor-target interactions, selectivity and sensitivity, mechanisms of signal transduction, and biorecognition. A strong emphasis should be placed on cutting-edge research on nanotechnology-based biosensor systems. Of particular interest are biosensors that utilise nanomaterials or nanoscale technologies that enhance sensor performance or provide new mechanisms for detection.

Subject Coverage
  • Nanoparticle/nanomaterial based biosensors
  • Nanoscale semiconductor/transistor based biosensors
  • Nanoscale probes
  • Nanomechanical detection of biological events/processes
  • Sensitivity and selectivity enhancement through the use of nanomaterials/nanoscale technologies
Important Dates
Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 31 March 2009
Communication of peer reviews to authors: 30 June 2009
Deadline for revised manuscripts: 31 Aug 2009

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