30 December 2008

Special issue: Performance and dynamics of diversified land vehicle systems: Part one

International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems 15(2/3/4) 2008
  • Approaches to improving the mobility of military tracked vehicles on soft terrain
  • Disturbance rejection control of a light armoured vehicle using stability augmentation based active suspension system
  • Performance and emission enhancements of a variable geometry turbocharger on a heavy-duty diesel engine
  • Optimisation of AWD off-road vehicle performance using visco-lock devices
  • Steering strategies for multi-axle vehicles
  • Simplified truck chassis modelling and crashworthiness analysis
  • Driver alertness monitoring techniques: a literature review
  • Dynamic analyses of heavy vehicle with pitch-interconnected suspensions
  • Engine-in-the-loop study of the stochastic dynamic programming optimal control design for a hybrid electric HMMWV
  • A low-order dynamic model of a tracked robot inclusive of non-linear slip
  • Hybrid component specification optimisation for a medium-duty hybrid electric truck
  • Optimal tyre inflation pressures for urban buses
  • Dynamic modelling and virtual prototype simulation of dump truck-haul road interactions
  • Vehicle configuration design with a packing genetic algorithm
  • The effect of dynamic arm support on grip forces and steering errors during simulated driving

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