9 December 2008

Call for papers: New Technology and Culture Creative Industry Development

Call for papers: New Technology and Culture Creative Industry Development

A special issue of International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management

The 21st century is the era of digital network technology; any traditional form is considered to be out of date without digital network technology. It will change the traditional culture field by providing totally new perspectives and methods. This change, which takes place from form to content, from surface to essence, will inevitably lead cultural industries to entirely new areas. Any culture industry relying on digital and network technology is the main force of the era’s new economy. By means of advanced technology, major cultural scientific and technological achievement can be industrialised rapidly, bringing economies of scale. High-tech is the driver behind the rise of cultural industries by upgrading the means of production. In developed countries, the cultural products which take a variety of high-tech as the carrier not only create new concepts of life, but also stimulate new demands for culture.

2008 is the year that a variety of technological innovations were accelerated to develop and further integrate with cultural creativity. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is a contemporary example of the successful practice of creative culture based on high-tech. In order to discuss on the development of creative industries which takes cultural values as the soul, science and technology as the support, modern communication means as the symbol, software, cartoon and digital entertainment enterprises as the core of creative industries, this study takes new technologies and the development of culture creative industries as the subject. It aims at exploring their development strategies, combining them with high-tech, creating culture creative brands, building policy and a market environment for creative industry development, supporting their cluster development, establishing technology, capital, talent service platforms for their development, speeding up the digitalisation of creative means, the networking of transmission, the marketisation of productions, and the socialisation of services to promote them.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Digital technology and network technology
  • Innovation and management of culture industries
  • Branding, marketing and strategic management
  • Internationalisation
  • Industry chain
  • Human resource development and management
  • Industrialisation, marketisation of culture production
  • Capital markets
  • Intellectual property
  • Digital media industry
  • Culture management mechanisms
  • Government polices
  • Case studies
Important Date
Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2009

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