18 December 2008

Special issue: Recent advances in applications of adaptive and robust control techniques

International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems 1(2) 2008
  • Thermal MIMO model and decoupling PID control
  • A fuzzy optimal controller for the mechatronic system with non-smooth non-linearities
  • Frequency estimation with an LMI-based adaptive update law
  • Development of meal assistance orthosis for disabled persons using EOG signal and dish image
  • A robust adaptive H∞ control for robotic manipulators with input torque uncertainties
  • Adaptive active suspension controller achieving the best ride comfort at any specified location on vehicles with parameter uncertainties
  • Torque balancing control in ignition event based scale for multi-cylinder SI engines
  • A new neural networks based adaptive model predictive control for unknown multiple variable non-linear systems

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