2 December 2008

Special issue: Intelligent manufacturing technology

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 16(1/2) 2009

Papers from the Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing and Logistics Systems (IML2005) held in Kitakyushu, Japan 2–4 August 2005.
  • An integrated new product introduction performance measurement system: an example in notebook computer industry
  • A parallel hybrid ant colony optimisation approach for job-shop scheduling problem
  • Real-time buffer management method for DBR scheduling
  • A random key-based genetic algorithm for AGV dispatching in FMS
  • A hybrid approach of data mining and genetic algorithms for rehabilitation scheduling
  • Modelling and scheduling preventative maintenance in semiconductor manufacturing industry with MAs
  • Multiobjective hybrid genetic algorithm for quay crane scheduling in berth allocation planning
  • Integrated scheduling using genetic algorithm with quasi-random sequences
  • A new solution method for joint replenishment problem

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