23 December 2008

Special issue: Enhancing mathematics teaching with technology

International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning 18(5/6) 2008

Papers from the 8th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching held in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, in July 2007.
  • Teaching and learning mathematics with dynamic worksheets
  • Helping teachers generate exercises with random coefficients
  • What can technology add to the mathematics classroom?
  • Getting mathematical concepts and learning proofs by computer aided linear algebra
  • Drawing in movement and insights for the proof process
  • The Casyopee project: a Computer Algebra Systems environment for students' better access to algebra
  • Implications of neuroscientific research on teaching algebra
  • Interactive geometry labs – combining the US and Russian approaches to teaching geometry
  • Computer aided learning of proving in school geometry
  • ALgebra on NUmerical SETs: a system for teaching and learning algebra
  • Selected mathematical concepts and their animation with CAS maple
  • Technological challenges of teaching mathematics in a blended learning environment
  • Geometry Expressions – a dynamic symbolic geometry environment
  • Teachers' practice and students' learning in the Mexican programme for Teaching Mathematics with Technology
  • Dynamic web tools for trigonometry

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