2 December 2008

Special issue: Knowledge and technology management for sustainable development in Africa

International Journal of Technology Management 45(1/2) 2009
  • Knowledge management as an enabler of change and innovation in Africa
  • The knowledge economy: concept, global trends and strategic challenges for Africa in the quest for sustainable development
  • Technology development and knowledge spillover in Africa: evidence using patent and citation data
  • Building the African information society
  • Building open access in Africa
  • Universities and scientific research in the Maghreb states: power politics and innovation systems
  • Enhancing innovation for sustainable growth and competitiveness in North African countries
  • What drives innovation? Inferences from an industry-wide survey in Nigeria
  • Reinforcing experiential learning with training culture as an innovative governance strategy in informal microfinance institutions
  • Information, knowledge and technology management: national information technology policies for sustainable development
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and development information for professional women in Zambia
  • Seed systems for African food security: linking molecular genetic analysis and cultivator knowledge in West Africa
  • Inconsistency of food security information in Sudan

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