20 December 2008

Call for papers: Marketing in Emerging Markets

Call for papers: Marketing in Emerging Markets

A special issue of International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets

Recently, there have been increasingly louder calls for more research in emerging markets, in order to both advance the discipline of marketing and ensure its managerial relevance. Indeed, emerging markets are fundamentally different from the industrialised nations in which scientific research has traditionally been conducted, calling into question, therefore, marketing’s conceptual and theoretical foundations. The growing importance of emerging markets in the world economy suggests that understanding the practice of marketing in emerging markets is critical to an organisation’s success.

The focus of this special issue, therefore, is on marketing in emerging markets. More specifically, it aims to explore both the scientific discipline and practice of marketing, in the context of emerging markets. The guest editors welcome:
conceptual, theoretical, critical, and managerial submissions;
both quantitative and qualitative methods; and
all research approaches, including experiments, empirical work, cases, and interpretive studies.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Consumer research tools and techniques in emerging markets
  • Buyer behaviour in emerging markets
  • Distribution channel innovations in emerging markets
  • Communication and promotional strategies in emerging markets
  • Consumer education and consumer rights in emerging markets
  • Social marketing and ethical dilemmas in emerging markets
  • Counterfeiting and intellectual property rights
  • New product development in emerging markets
  • Internet marketing in emerging markets
Important Dates
Submission: 26 June, 2009
Notification: 25 September, 2009
First Revision: 27 November, 2009
Final Revision: 29 January, 2010

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