2 December 2008

Special issue: Procurement strategies: past-present and the future

International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management 5(1/2) 2008
  • What is the buzz about the cross-functional role of purchasing in a sustainable supply chain environment?
  • Benders-based winner determination algorithm for volume discount procurement auctions
  • Understanding and defining long-term business objectives and strategies of potential parties in complex environments: a case study
  • Strategic supplier selection: some emerging issues and challenges
  • Impact of avian influenza in the Indian poultry industry: a supply chain risk perspective
  • Eco-procurement strategies for environmentally conscious manufacturers
  • Cooperation models for supply chain management
  • Optimising a logistics system with multiple procurements and warehousing using endosymbiotic evolutionary algorithm
  • E-collaborative commerce for small- and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises
  • A conceptual and analytical framework for management of integrated knowledge based logistics providers

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