9 December 2008

Call for papers: Innovative City and Regional Innovation System

Call for papers: Innovative City and Regional Innovation System

A special issue of International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital

The regional development of society and the economy are closely related with innovative capacities. Choosing a suitable development model can give full play to regional advantages, integrate scientific and technological resources, and continually improve regional innovative capacities. It is an important issue that finds the rules and experiences of establishing and developing innovative city based on economic theory, innovative theory and intellectual capital management theory, puts forward the framework of establishing innovative city according to the unique characteristics of urban development, researches on structural and systemic characteristics of the “innovative city”, including innovative investment systems, innovative service systems, essential security systems, innovative management systems, innovative policy systems. Moreover, the design principles of the innovative city’s goal system and evaluation system of achievement should be studied.

Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) is an emerging concept, and is a new field of world economy and geography. Many scholars pay much attention to the theoretical study of RIS, and score certain achievements in terms of the basic concept, content, formation mechanism and function of RIS. RIS focuses on a specific region, and its cross-organisational knowledge innovation mainly gets through the share of common tacit knowledge and social capital links, the knowledge transfer factor of RIS is geographical and cultural adjacency and knowledge spillover. Study of RIS can help with the establishment of the innovative city.

Government governance plays a critical role in the establishment of RIS and the innovative city. The emphasis and model of government governance still need further exploration. Meanwhile, other issues that need further study are the mechanisms of innovation, business and creativity, information technology and Internet platform, infrastructure environment construction and investment, improvement of the education system and personnel training policies for social needs of the innovative society, development countermeasures and suggestions of knowledge-intensive service industries, improvement of living environment and establishment of livable city.

In this special issue, we invite authors to submit papers addressing topics on the factors, mechanisms and modelling of the innovative city, RIS, government governance and policies, innovation environment, regional innovative capacities and competitiveness, etc. We strongly encourage results that focus on regional innovation theories and applications.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Survey of the innovative city
  • RIS
  • Intellectual capital management, knowledge management
  • Knowledge spillover, technology diffusion
  • Learning region
  • Regional innovative capacities, regional competitiveness
  • Knowledge-intensive service industries
  • Government governance and policies
  • Innovation environment and infrastructure
  • Livable city
  • Self-renovation capabilities
  • Innovative city's goal system and achievement evaluation system
  • Human resource training and management
  • Education innovation
  • Industry-academia cooperation
  • City culture
  • Case studies
Important Date
Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2009

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