19 December 2008

Special issue: EKC and sustainable development

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 9(1/2) 2009
  • Environment, human development and economic growth: a contemporary analysis of Indian states
  • An empirical analysis of the environmental Kuznets curve for water pollution in India
  • World emissions and economic growth: application of non-parametric methods
  • EKC: static or dynamic?
  • Applying Kuznets theory to the analysis of relation between the economic development and greenhouse gas emission
  • Climate change and human insecurity
  • Post-(sustainable) development?
  • Pattern of distribution of global CO2 emission by countries
  • Environment and economic growth: a convergence approach
  • Technological progres
Additional Papers
  • Cosmic Heat Emission concept to 'stop' global warming
  • Estimates of CO2 emissions reduction and potential power generation from biogas at Mare Chicose landfill
  • Diminishable/removable sources of greenhouse gases

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