7 December 2008

Special Issue: Air pollution

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 36(1/2/3) 2008
  • Variability of PM10 concentrations dependent on meteorological conditions
  • Two impact related air quality indices as tools to assess the daily and long-term air pollution
  • Statistical analysis of urban air-pollution data in the Athens basin area, Greece
  • Modelling photochemical air pollutant formation in Hungary using an adaptive grid technique
  • Connection between urban heat island and sky view factor approximated by a software tool on a 3D urban database
  • Comparison of objective air-mass types and the Peczely weather types and their ability to classify levels of air pollutants in Szeged, Hungary
  • Frequency distribution of particulate matter (PM10) in urban environments
  • Modelling long-term averages of local ambient air pollution in Oslo, Norway: evaluation of nitrogen dioxide, PM10 and PM2.5
  • Statistical characteristics of ozone and PM10 levels in a medium-sized Mediterranean city
  • Synergetic use of TERRA/MODIS imagery and meteorological data for studying aerosol dust events in Cyprus
  • A neural network implemented microcontroller system for quantitative classification of hazardous organic gases in the ambient air
  • Elemental composition of airborne aerosols at a traffic site and a suburban site in Hong Kong
  • Effect of the soil wetness state on the stomatal ozone fluxes over Hungary
  • Relation of earth probe TOMS/AI data and ground level measured atmospheric aerosols over Marmara region
  • Applied comprehensive NO2 and particulate matter dispersion modelling for Switzerland
  • The selective catalytic reduction of NO with propane over Ni loaded on H-USY in the presence of excess oxygen
  • Characterisation of ambient benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and m-, p- and o-xylene in an urban traffic area in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Evaluation of SO2 dry deposition over a cassava plantation in Rayong, Thailand
  • Plume dispersion in the wake of a rectangular model building
  • Sources of particulate matter: emission profile of biomass burning
  • The impact of landfills on the air quality of towns: a simple heuristic model for the city of Palermo
  • Air quality indexing
  • Daily variation of traffic emissions in Athens, Greece

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