5 December 2008

Special issue: Environmental applications of nonthermal plasma technology

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management 2(4/5) 2008
  • Decolourisation of dye solution using an electrical discharge with TiO2 suspension
  • Influence of streamer-to-glow transition mode on the NO removal by an inductive energy storage type pulse power generator
  • Nonthermal plasma reactors and plasma chemistry
  • Suppression of particle deposition onto downstream wall in an AC Electrostatic Precipitator with neutralisation
  • Characteristics of rotating arc for CF4 removal
  • Robust corona-electrostatic separation method for solid waste recycling
  • Hybrid gas-liquid electrical discharge for degradation of organic pollutants in aqueous solution
  • Characteristics of atomic oxygen produced by a pulsed streamer corona discharge
  • Non-Thermal Plasma degradation of wastewater in presence of titanium oxide by gliding arc discharge
  • Mechanisms for formation of organic and inorganic by-products and their control in nonthermal plasma chemical processing of VOCs
  • Confined plasma gliding arc discharges

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