18 July 2013

Special issue: "Particle Filled Composites: Experimental and Computational Mechanics"

International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity 7(1/2/3) 2013
  • Numerical and experimental study on the response of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polymer composites under compressive loading
  • Ba(Zn1/3Ta2/3)O3 filled PTFE composites for microwave substrate applications
  • Micromechanical modelling of alumina trihydrate filled poly (methyl methacrylate) composites
  • Properties of POSS blends with pCBT, PMMA, PC and POM thermoplastics
  • Computation of tensile strength of syntactic foams
  • Predicting elastic modulus of particle filled composites
  • Direct multiscale 'morphological approach' for non-linear highly-filled particulate composites: theory and applications
Additional Papers
  • Effect of equilateral triangle vacancy defect on the thermal conductivity and thermal rectification of graphene: a molecular dynamics study
  • Numerical investigation of amorphous silicon carbonitrides ceramics
  • Study on the crosstalk characteristic of non-ideal interconnect structure
  • A novel hybrid election campaign optimisation algorithm for multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling problem
  • Effect of forming factors on surface temperature and residual deformation of the plate in line heating
  • Cooperative navigation for multiple autonomous underwater vehicles using a single leader
  • New product development period and competitive advantage resulting from manufacturing-marketing interaction: an empirical study of SMEs in the Yangtze Delta in China
  • FDynamic and flutter suppression analysis of 2D aerofoil by receptance method

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