18 July 2013

Special issue: "Emerging Trends in Information and Communication Technologies"

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems 5(1) 2013

Expanded versions of papers presented at the Jubilee International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting Services (TELSIKS) 2011.
  • Design of first-order differentiator utilising FIR and IIR sub-filters
  • Renal DMSA scan morphology analysis using undecimated wavelet transform and isocontours
  • Effects of noise and distortion in measurement of room impulse response by swept sine technique
  • ICT and power: new challenges and solutions
  • High-performance computing in GIS: techniques and applications
  • Towards a scalable mobile telemetry system and ubiquitous access to measurements
  • An RLL code design that maximises channel utilisation
  • Cylindrical grid-based TLM model of a coaxially loaded cylindrical cavity

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