31 July 2013

Call for papers: "New Developments in Supply Chain Research"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience.

A supply chain transforms natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished product, delivers the finished product to customers, and sometimes includes the reversed returns processes. With increasing globalisation and competition among enterprises in today’s market, the importance of a reliable, efficient, collaborative and adaptive supply chain is more significant than ever.

Recently, there have been several exciting new developments in the field of supply chain research with various focal points. Issues such as risk management, green supply chain operations, impact of carbon emission policies, opportunities brought by newly developed technologies such as cloud computing and big data, and challenges from increasing uncertainties have drawn a lot of attentions.

The aim of this special issue is to provide a unified platform in which to collect high-quality papers focusing on new developments such as those listed above, both in theory and practice. Researchers from all relevant disciplines are invited to consider this special issue as an outlet in which to publish their high-quality work on the topic.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Reliable supply chain design
  • Supply chain design incorporating uncertainties
  • Supply chain optimisation against time (for perishable products)
  • Green supply chain design
  • Close-loop supply chains
  • Supply chain risk analysis/management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Quality management (e.g. business excellence models, six sigma, TQM, SPC, etc.)
  • E-commerce supply and operations management, aggregate planning
  • Vendor/supplier selection, supplier development, purchasing management
Important Dates
Submission deadline: 20 December, 2013
Decisions to authors: 31 March, 2014

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