16 July 2013

Special issue: "Intelligent Information and Product Technologies for Supply Chain Integration"

International Journal of Integrated Supply Management 8(1/2/3) 2013

Includes extended versions of papers presented by the “Supply Network Engineering” working group of the IFAC TC 5.2 “Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control”.
  • How do Information Technology and Integrative Planning drive performance in today's supply chains?
  • A management and orchestration model for integrating Digital Business Ecosystems
  • Multi-disciplinary analysis of interfaces "Supply Chain Event Management - RFID - control theory"
  • Development of Supply Chain Integration model through application of Analytic Network Process and Multilevel self-organisation of cyber-physical networks: synergic approach
  • Task re-allocation in temporary production networks
  • Process-based cooperation support for complementary outtasking in production networks of SME

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