23 July 2013

Special issue: "Multidisciplinary Approach to Complex Systems Design and Management: Modelling and Simulation based on Methodologies and Tools"

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling 8(1) 2013

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference 2011 (I3M 2011).
  • Multicriteria approach for process modelling in strategic environmental management planning
  • On the short period production planning in industrial plants: a real case study
  • On the use of estimated tumour marker classifications in tumour diagnosis prediction - a case study for breast cancer
  • HLA-based real time distributed simulation of a marine port for training purposes
  • Bayesian knowledge modelling for healthcare practices
  • Petri nets with exclusive entities for decision making
  • Measuring degree-dependent failure in scale-free networks of bipartite structure
  • Modelling of aerodynamic flutter on a NACA 4412 airfoil with application to wind turbine blades

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