30 July 2013

Special issue: "Challenging Our Mental Models for Organisational Excellence"

International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 13(2/3) 2013

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the International Conference on Management Cases 2012.
  • Positive approaches for organisation development: a case study
  • Teaching and learning innovation practice: a case study from Finland
  • A comparative study of perceptions towards entrepreneurship in India, Poland, and the USA
  • Compensation: impact of rewards and organisational justice on turnover intentions and the role of motivation and job satisfaction: a study of retail store operations in NCR
  • The sense of community in a geographically dispersed organisation
  • Community engagement of petroleum company: getting the right fit in Sudan
  • Competency assessment of the retail staff in top stores of Adidas India
Submitted Papers
  • Emiratisation: from policy to implementation
  • Managers as workplace learning facilitators
  • Employee perceptions of workplace diversity in the manufacturing industry

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