18 July 2013

Special issue: "Collaborative Innovation in Emerging Countries: Looking Inward and Outward"

International Journal of Technology Management 62(2/3/4) 2013
  • A framework for assessing innovation collaboration partners and its application to BRICs
  • Motives for international cooperation on R&D and innovation: empirical evidence from Argentinean and Spanish firms
  • Collaboration partner portfolio along the growth of Chinese firms' innovation capability: configuration, evolution and pattern
  • The impact of founders' academic experiences on linking with local alma maters for Chinese start-ups
  • Contingencies in collaborative innovation: matching organisational learning with strategic orientation and environmental munificence
Additional Papers
  • Framework of open innovation in SMEs in an emerging economy: firm characteristics, network openness, and network information
  • Building up a project complexity framework using an international Delphi study

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