19 July 2013

Call for papers: "Advances in the Emergence of the Mobile and Web Community"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Web Based Communities.

Over recent years, web technology has been expanding its applications and services rapidly into mobile platforms. Mobile 2.0, for example, is not just adding another layer to the social web; it is the only channel to fill the gap between web, social and traditional channels centred on individuals’ daily lives.
The integration and emergence of web and mobile communities that connect online, on-the-go and physical facilities brings a seamless user experience and business ecosystem. It brings convenience, and also changes ways and channels of communicating, learning and relating with others. It may bring diversified opportunities and challenges to the corporate, scientific, social and educational world.
Likewise, although this emergence is taking place worldwide, it has distinct advancements, approaches and challenges in different countries and cultures. We strongly feel a pertinent need for the collection of perspectives from various sources to reconsider where we can go with this emerging phenomenon.
This special issue aims to collect thoughts and perspectives on this phenomenon and on how it could impact the corporate, scientific, social and educational status quo. We welcome the results of empirical research, methods, theories, case studies, thoughts and innovative strategies on how and in which ways we can advance individual and public lives.
Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Business transformations, competition, strategy
  • Open source and social collaboration
  • Virtual collaboration, communication and remote learning
  • User engagement, user experience and storytelling
  • Civic rights, surveillance and democracy
  • Social responsibility, cyber safety and privacy
  • Regional policy, cultural differences and internationalisation
  • Social media
  • New products, services and technologies
  • Innovations
  • Other related topics
Important Dates
Deadline of submission: 15 January, 2014
Acceptance notification: 15 March, 2014
Revision submission: 15 April, 2014
Final notification of acceptance: 15 May, 2014

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