24 July 2013

Special issue: "Advanced Control Theory and its Applications"

International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems 5(1) 2013

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the 2012 International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems (ICAMechS 2012).
  • Oscillation criteria of solutions for a new class of impulsive parabolic equations with delay
  • Design of a multirate PD control system for improvement in the steady-state intersample response
  • Design and experimental evaluation of a data-oriented multivariable PID controller
  • A robust high-speed position control scheme based on computed torque method for 2 DOF flexible link robot arms
  • Robustness investigation of the linear multi-variable control technique for power management of DFIG wind turbines
  • Multiple model adaptive control of a hydro turbine plant - performance of H∞, LQG and PI controllers
  • Hybrid optimal filtering for linear continuous-time Markovian jump systems with non-Gaussian noises by MPT approach
Regular Paper
  • A robust hybrid active noise control system using IIR notch filters

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