13 July 2008

Special issue: Strategy and information management in the innovative era

International Journal of Technology Management 43(1/2/3) 2008
  • Management of dualities as a critical dimension of a knowledge-era organisation
  • Infomemes and infonomes: in search of knowledge DNA
  • Understanding the critical factors effect user satisfaction and impact of ERP through innovation of diffusion theory
  • The environmental sustainability of information systems: considering the impact of operational strategies and practices
  • Strategy and strategic action in the global era: overcoming the knowing-doing gap
  • Market information feedback for the high-tech dominated IPO companies
  • Google and global market search: information signals and knowledge indices
  • The transformation of a traditional salt company into a biotech business through innovations and reforms: a case study of Taiyen
  • Small firm transformation through IS
  • The process of business start-ups in the internet: a multiple case study
  • Evaluating IT outsourcing customer satisfaction and its impact on firm performance in Korea
  • Developing the partner relationship management system for franchised electronic stores
  • Capturing strategic alliance outcomes: an analysis of motives, objectives and outcomes
  • Intellectual capital and business performance in the Portuguese banking industry
  • An innovative model of a computer-mediated professional community: China software developer net
  • KMsharer: an information technology approach to enable knowledge management services
  • The impact of knowledge management enablers on non-financial performance in small and medium enterprises

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Keshia said...

strategy and information are the things coveted most in business

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