10 July 2008

Special issue: Quantitative approaches in management

International Journal of Management and Decision Making 9(4) 2008
  • Application of fuzzy MCDM to establishing a new fee schedule for orthopaedic procedures in a National Health Insurance program
  • An application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process in the selection of collecting centre location for the reverse logistics Multicriteria Decision-Making supply chain model
  • Hierarchical alternatives in Multi Criteria Decision Making
  • Using two-stage DEA to measure managerial efficiency change of non-life insurance companies in Taiwan
  • The R&D funding decision: the need for a systemic approach
  • Integrating the event study method and the Grey Markov forecasting model to evaluate the effect of announcements regarding the establishment of FHCs
  • Predicting diffusion of innovative products using neural networks
  • Analysis on the supply trend of Taiwan deck officers after the execution of STCW-95 convention

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