11 July 2008

Call for papers: Value Creation

Call for papers: Value Creation

A special issue of International Journal of Opportunity, Growth and Value Creation

This special issue spotlights on the creation of value within organisations and networks. The concept of value creation is at the core of entrepreneurial activities, and is reflected by the exploitation of opportunities and subsequent organisational growth. However, our understanding of the nature of value creation, how to achieve it, and how to capture it, is limited. Therefore, this issue will shed light on the sources, processes, and outcomes associated with organisational value creation (value created for and by the organisation).

The sources of organisational value creation refer to their antecedents and can include multiple levels such as organisations, and networks. These sources may involve aspects such as creativity, employee motivation, entrepreneurial behavior, programs, culture or structure.

Processes associated with value creation refer to issues such as how value is created, by whom, and under what conditions. This may include research questions addressing value creation strategies, new business models, organisational forms, management practices, innovation processes, incentive schemes, job design, social or company networks, incubation, or firm creation in general.

The outcome of value creation refers to the benefits gained from value creation. These outcomes may include relative value to recipients, various stakeholders as recipients, learning, capability creation and performance.

While this special issue is concerned with organisational value creation, we acknowledge that value creation can be studied at various levels of analysis (individual, team, organisation, business-relationship, networks and society) that may be interlinked. Te special issue focuses particularly on value creation in organisations and networks.

We appreciate contributions that shed light on issues which include, but are not limited to:
  • Value creation in organisations and networks
  • Sources of value creation
  • Processes of value creation
  • New business models
  • Management practices
  • Mechanisms of value creation
  • Learning and innovation
Important Date
Paper Submission Deadline: 1 October 2008

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