15 July 2008

Call for papers: Data Quality Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Call for papers: Data Quality Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

A special issue of International Journal of Sensor Networks

As new fabrication and integration technologies reduce the cost and size of wireless sensors, the observation and control of our physical world will expand dramatically using the temporally and spatially dense monitoring afforded by wireless sensor networks technology. Several applications such as habitat monitoring, counter-sniper system, environment sampling, and structure monitoring, have been launched, showing the promising future of wide range of applications of networked sensor systems.

Their success is nonetheless determined by whether the sensor networks can provide a high quality stream of data over a long period. The inherent feature of unattended and untethered deployment of networked sensors in a malicious environment, however, imposes challenges to the underlying systems. These challenges are further complicated by the fact that sensor systems are usually seriously energy-constrained. Most previous efforts focus on devising techniques to save the sensor node energy and thus extend the lifetime of the whole sensor network. However, with more deployments of real sensor systems, in which the main function is to collect interesting data and to share with peers, data quality has been becoming a more important issue in the design of sensor systems. Consistency, accuracy, reliability, and survivability concerns have to be addressed in sensor data collection, storage, and processing.

The goal of the special issue is to publish the most recent results in the data quality management aspects of wireless sensor networks research. Researchers and practitioners working in this area are expected to take this opportunity to discuss and express their views on the current trends, challenges, and state of the art solutions addressing various issues in sensor networks.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Data quality modelling
  • Data quality management
  • Middleware support for data quality
  • Outlier data detection and filtering
  • Trade-off between energy efficiency and data quality
  • Data collection in lossy environments
  • Query processing over uncertain data
  • Fault-tolerant networking support
  • Data persistence in faulty networks
Important Dates
Manuscript due: 31 December, 2008
Acceptance/rejection notification: 30 April, 2009
Final manuscript due: 31 May, 2009

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