13 July 2008

Special issue: The green family: how to reduce residential environmental impact

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 9(4) 2008
  • Life cycle engineering: methods, databases and results
  • Life Cycle Assessment applications in the building sector
  • Household environmental monitoring a strategy to help homeowners reduce their environmental impact
  • Energy challenge: a demand side energy management experiment in households
  • Energy-efficient and low carbon emission residential building near Torino, Italy
  • Energy demand of German households and saving potential
  • Passive house projects in Belgium
  • Retrofit of a century old land-house to a low-energy house
  • Environmental assessment of energy production by combustion of biogas provided by the anaerobic digestion of agricultural biomass
  • Performance assessment of a 5 kW SOFC cogeneration fuel cell
  • Impact of energy efficiency upgrade retrofits on the residential energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions in Canada

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