10 July 2008

Special issue: Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for industrial systems

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 3(2) 2008
  • Using neural networks and statistical tests for detecting changes in the process dynamics
  • Parameterisation of reconfiguring second-order linear systems via eigenstructure assignment
  • Fault detection in centrifugal pumping systems using neural networks
  • Prediction of defects in castings using back propagation neural networks
  • Neural network fault classification of transient data in an automotive engine air path
  • Detection and localisation of damage in bridge model by spatial wavelet based approach
  • Fault detection, diagnosis and tolerant control for non-Gaussian stochastic distribution systems using a rational square-root approximation model
  • Fault-tolerant wide-range stabilisation of a power system
  • Fault diagnosis system for a robot manipulator through neuro fuzzy approach
  • Fuzzy observer for fault detection and reconstruction of unknown input fuzzy models

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