23 July 2008

Special issue: Changes in society, changes in organisations, and the changing role of HRM: managing human resources in a complex world

European Journal of International Management 2(3) 2008

Includes papers from the 9th International Human Resource Management Conference held in Tallinn, Estonia from 12-15 June 2007
  • Moscow on the Hudson: assessing expatriates' affective fit in host cultures with the intercultural communication affinity scale
  • Organisational change under transcultural project leadership: developing a survey instrument
  • How to get employees to work with you, not just for you: an action model and propositions
  • Human resource challenges of global offshoring
  • Organisational training and development in the European context: a longitudinal comparative study among 18 European countries
  • From social capital to human resource development: a cross cultural study of the role of HRM in innovation and entrepreneurship in high technology organisations
  • Is a happy nation a productive nation? An exploration of the relationship between job satisfaction and productivity at the national level

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