6 July 2008

Special issue: Energy-efficient algorithm and protocol design in sensor networks

International Journal of Sensor Networks 4(1/2) 2008
  • Power-efficient cooperative coding with hybrid-ARQ soft combining for wireless sensor networks in block-fading environment
  • Correlated data gathering in wireless sensor networks based on distributed source coding
  • Decentralised binary detection with non-constant SNR profile at the sensors
  • Energy-efficient image transmission in sensor networks
  • Energy-efficient data gathering algorithm in sensor networks with partial aggregation
  • Efficient aggregation using first hop selection in WSNs
  • Energy-efficient topology control for three-dimensional sensor networks
  • A hierarchical clustering-based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks supporting multiple data aggregation qualities
  • Skipping technique in face routing for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  • Reliable and energy-efficient routing protocol in dense wireless sensor networks
  • Energy efficiency of a per-hop relay selection scheme for sensor networks using cooperative MIMO
  • Public key cryptography empowered smart dust is affordable

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