8 July 2008

Special issue: Financial risk management

International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 9(1/2) 2008
  • Corporate failure risk assessment of Greek companies
  • Demonstration of data mining approaches in credit risk evaluation
  • Predicting US commercial bank failures via a multicriteria approach
  • Value-at-risk: is lacking in sub-additivity just an annoying technicality?
  • Study of banking sector design from risk perspective to minimise social costs
  • A practical approach to market risk analysis and control: empirical test of the Mexican foreign exchange and stock markets
  • Loose risk management mechanisms of corporate governance of Greek firms; rewards to board from earnings that are not based on performance incentive plans
  • Hedge ratio estimation and hedging effectiveness: the case of the S&P 500 stock index futures contract
  • An integrated taxonomy of consumers of financial services: the role of perceived risk, effort and involvement
  • Multi-factor models for capital asset pricing in a fuzzy environment with empirical studies
  • Fuzzy assessment of human-health risks due to air pollution
  • A risk mitigation approach for concurrent engineering projects

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