22 July 2008

Call for papers: Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies

Call for papers: Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies

A special issue of International Journal of Global Energy Issues

The main objective of this special issue is to address issues related to theory and experimental research in the field of biomass energy conversion technologies, including conversion technologies, techno-economic assessment, and case studies of biomass energy in the world.

The topics of this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:
  • Direct combustion technology of biomass
  • Thermo-chemical conversion technologies
  • Bio-chemical conversion technologies
  • Techno-economical assessment of biomass energy technology
  • Case study of biomass energy in developing countries.
Important Dates
Submission by: 22 September, 2008
Review process by: 22 November, 2008
Revised submissions by: 22 December, 2008

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