27 July 2008

Special issue: Applications, services and infrastructure for wireless and mobile computing

International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing 3(1/2) 2008
  • An adaptive reservation time division multiple access control protocol for robot inter-communication
  • A directional propagation model for locating mobile stations within a mobile phone network
  • Real-time traffic routing over a multilayered satellite architecture
  • Providing transparent internet mobility for dual-interfaced mobile devices
  • Ubiquitous sensor-based human behaviour recognition using the spatio-temporal representation of user states
  • Load sharing and session preservation with multiple mobile routers for large scale mobile networks
  • A self-organising algorithm for sensor placement in wireless mobile microsensor networks
  • Indexing schemes for multichannel data broadcasting in mobile databases
  • A new VoIP quality evaluation for 60 GHz wireless campus network
  • A mobile auction service based on mobile agents: design and analysis

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