27 July 2008

Special issue: Services innovation

International Journal of Services Technology and Management 9(3/4) 2008
  • Shaping R&D and services innovation in Europe
  • Customer-based innovation of knowledge e-services: the importance of after-innovation
  • Capturing the benefits of open innovation in public innovation: a case study
  • Skills, expertise and innovation in the developing knowledge economy: the case of business and professional services
  • Intellectual property protection as a key driver of service innovation: an analysis of innovative KIBS businesses in Finland and the UK
  • A model for analysing the innovation dynamic in services: the case of 'assembled' services
  • Innovation in large-scale retailing: towards a revisited approach to its organising principles and trajectories
  • When innovating services, are 12 Ps enough? Towards a design oriented framework
  • Is there a rationale for services R&D and innovation policies?

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