18 July 2008

Special issue: Complexity in manufacturing

International Journal of Agile Systems and Management 3(1/2) 2008
  • An optimal countermeasure policy to mitigate random capacity disruptions in a production system
  • A scatter search method to minimise makespan of cell scheduling problem
  • Design of flexible manufacturing cell considering uncertain product mix requirement
  • A practice-oriented integrated-enterprise system implementation framework for the manufacturing environment
  • Measurement of needed reconfiguration level for manufacturing firms
  • Establishing rules to design a minicell-based manufacturing system for mass customisation
  • Design and analysis of an automated container handling system in seaports
  • Task assignment and scheduling in a constrained manufacturing system using GA
  • Using data mining in the manufacturing systems for CAD model analysis and classification
  • Optimising the Gaussian-distributed filling process parameters

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