7 March 2007

Special issue: Ultraprecision machining of optoelectronic materials

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 2(1) 2007 is a special issue: Ultraprecision machining of optoelectronic materials.

Article titles:
* Nanomachining Zr-based metallic glass surfaces using an atomic force microscope
* Ductile to brittle transition depths for CVD silicon carbide and quartz
* Grain exfoliation and control thereof in ultra-precision plane honing of AlN substrates
* Research on material removal of ultrasonic-magnetorheological compound finishing
* A method for microstructures fabrication by using micro-EDM
* Nanometric grinding of axisymmetric aspherical mould inserts for optic/photonic applications
*3D simulation of arc envelope grinding of non-axisymmetric aspheric surface
* Affected layer evaluation of ultraprecise machined surface using magnetic force microscopy
* Prediction of subsurface damage depth of ground brittle materials by surface profiling
* Non-destructive evaluation methods for subsurface damage in silicon wafers: a literature review

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