10 March 2007

Featured article: Mobile learning – challenges and potentials

Mobile learning – challenges and potentials
Michaela Denk, Michael Weber, EC3 – E-Commerce Competence Center, Vienna, Austria
Roland Belfin, RTR – Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications
International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation 1 (2) 2007, 122 - 139
The transition to an information society and the therewith strongly related need of lifelong and life-wide learning on the one hand, and the increasing coverage of and developments in mobile information and communication technology on the other hand establish the foundation of mobile learning. This paper discusses the challenges and potentials of the present mobile learning trend from a broad perspective. Going back to the primal origins of learning, it reviews mobile learning as well as related concepts and definitions and investigates requirements, potential barriers and benefits of mobile learning. Eventually, promising mobile learning applications are examined and a future empirical study is outlined.

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