22 March 2007

Special issue: Clusters and regional innovation systems

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management 7(2/3/4/5) 2007 is a special issue: Clusters and regional innovation systems.

Article titles:
* Regional innovation, entrepreneurship and talent systems
* Constructing knowledge-based regional advantage: implications for regional innovation policy
* Economic policy from an evolutionary perspective: the case of Finland
* Coordination of interactions in innovative environments
* Resources development and actors coordination: what role for innovative milieus?
* The clustering and spatial distribution of economic activities in eight Canadian cities
* Network positions and efforts to innovate in a small Canadian optics and photonics clusters
* Path dependence and cluster adaptation: a case study of Toronto's new media industry
* The uniqueness of the Montreal fur industry in an apparel sector adrift: the role of proximity
* Entrepreneurship, knowledge and learning in cluster formation and evolution: the Windsor Ontario tool, die and mould cluster
* Knowledge links in high-technology industries: markets, networks or milieu? The case of the Vienna biotechnology cluster
* Clusters, innovation and the local learning paradox
* Universities as entrepreneurship engines in the periphery: more than wishful thinking? The example of Kiel in Northern Germany
* Institutional structure and modes of governance in non-metropolitan innovation systems
* Institutional features, path dependencies and regional industrial change: comparing mature and embryonic clusters in an old industrial region
* Innovative new firms, embeddedness and regional development
* Promoting regional networking and cluster formation in East Germany: a chance for setting up new regional growth regimes in an economically volatile environment?

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