5 March 2007

Call for papers on: Advances in the analysis of surface texture in engineering manufacture

Call for papers on: Advances in the analysis of surface texture in engineering manufacture

A special issue of International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering

Surface topography is a foremost characteristic among the surface integrity magnitudes and properties imparted by the tools used in the various manufacturing processes and especially their finishing versions.

Over the years, the characterisation and evaluation of engineering surface texture has constituted a challenging metrological problem, attributed largely to the usually complicated form of the generated surface profiles and the need to obtain a satisfying description globally as well as at various levels. Furthermore, emerging technological advances put new limits in manufacturing tolerances, while a better understanding of tribological phenomena implies the need for functional surface characterisation. This 'dualism' of process and function is encountered in the evolution of surface metrology, which in turn caused a plethora of texture parameters, referred to by D. J. Whitehouse as a 'parameter rash'.

The ISO standards 4287:1997, 12085:1996 and 13565-2:1996 have adopted the central- line system, motif combination and Abbott curve characterisation, respectively. A vast amount of research work towards a concise and proper characterisation of surface texture is found in literature, with an inevitable emphasis on the association of profile characteristics with the manufacturing process parameters.

The application of multi-parameter analysis or the introduction of new parameters for process control and functional application in surface metrology, as well as the introduction of novel techniques for surface texture characterisation and evaluation, is the scope of this special issue. In this regard, a collection of various examples, from industrial inspection to functional correlation, using contemporary techniques of surface texture analysis, will be presented.

Topics covered by this special issue include, but are not limited to, are the following:
  • Parameters, 2D and 3D; amplitude, in-length hybrid surface characteristics, traditional and functional; applications of 3D measurement
  • Variability of surface texture parameters
  • Surface typology methodologies
  • Surface anisotropy: characterisation; evaluation
  • Process or function control/monitoring via surface topography
  • Statistical, random process, fractal, multi resolution (wavelets) tools
  • Surface topography obtained by micro- and nanomanufacturing
  • Surface measurements; instrumentation; novel instrumental developments
  • Stylus instrument and optical methods: comparative assessments
  • Topological characterisation of surfaces
  • Worn surface textures
  • Industrial applications
  • Modelling of the impact of manufacturing parameters

Important Dates

Submission: 31 December 2007
Decision: 31 January 2008
Revised manuscripts: 28 February 2008

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