18 March 2007

Special issue: Computer and network security

International Journal of Security and Networks 2(1/2) 2007 is a special issue: Computer and network security, comprising substantially enhanced versions of papers presented at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2005 Computer and Network Security Symposium, St Louis, USA.

Article titles:
* DKMS: distributed hierarchical access control for multimedia networks
* Adaptive trust-based anonymous network
* Securing Wi-Fi networks with position verification: extended version
* On pairwise connectivity of wireless multihop networks
* Hash-AV: fast virus signature scanning by cache-resident filters
* Secure message delivery in publish/subscribe networks using overlay multicast
* Optimal worm-scanning method using vulnerable-host distributions
* Vulnerabilities in distance-indexed IP traceback schemes
* Single packet IP traceback in AS-level partial deployment scenario
* End-to-end pairwise key establishment using node disjoint secure paths in wireless sensor networks
* Design and analysis of a multipacket signature detection system
* Analysis of flow-correlation attacks in anonymity network
* Defence against packet injection in ad hoc networks

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